Rink Report – April 20, 2014

Briefly catching up on last night’s playoff action, and setting up the string of games for today.

Brent Seabrook’s hit on David Backes:

Nathan MacKinnon undresses the Wild defense (video via Puck Daddy):

Rink Report – April 19, 2014

A quick recap of yesterday’s games, and setting up todays.  A few news items as well.  This one is less than two minutes long. Enjoy.

Joel Quenneville makes a lewd gesture.

Milan Lucic speaks below the belt.

Rink Report – April 18, 2014

Recapping the games from last night, and setting up the three games happening tonight.

No news to report today, much like April 18, 1930 for the BBC.  We, unlike the BBC, will not play piano music instead.

Alexandar Steen’s OT Goal

Paul Stastny ties the game

And then, Paul Statstny wins the game, from almost the same exact place on the ice.

Also, a Systems Analyst post from Justin Bourne on the game winner by Montreal against the Lightning.  I love these posts.

Partick Kane freezes Ryan Miller

Rink Report – April 17, 2014

Day two of the playoffs, day two of the Report.  Let’s get this thing going.

I recap the scores of the three playoff games, as well as tidbits (yes, I said tidbits) from each.  I also take a quick look at the four playoff games happening tonight.  And news from Abbotsford, BC.  You heard that right.

Bobrovsky’s Bobble:

Getzlaf takes a slapper to the face:

Abbotsford Breaks Ties with AHL Team (The Globe and Mail)

Abbotsford Heat to leave, city to pay $5.5 million to end deal (Chilliwack Progress)

(Hat tip to Field of Schemes)



Rink Report – April 16, 2014

Welcome to the first Rink Report, a daily podcast catching you up on the news of the NHL, and setting you up with the hockey games of the night.

This is really rough.  I’m not used to podcasting on my own, and I’m doing this for fun and for the experience of it.  I will make mistakes, names, stats, things like that.  I will do my best to correct them on the twitter feed and in the next episode in an errata section.

Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sustain this.  Let’s just see how it goes.

As ever, this is an independent podcast, and not associated with the NHL or any other media outlets.  All mistakes are my own, unless stated otherwise.

Ben Bishop’s injury:

The Rink Episode 68: Why No Jagr?

For episode 68, you would think the Jaromir Jagr would come up once, but he wasn’t the story when it came to the Flyers.  James O’Brien and I talk about Pronger and the impact his injury may have on visors, as well as what is going on in this crazy league, where the Stars are on top, the Leafs are a playoff team, and one of the best goalies in the league just isn’t good enough for some people.

James O’Brien at Pro Hockey Talk and Rotoworld

James’ all decade team and all decade team defense

Greg Wyshynsi’s all decade team with Pronger

The Pronger injury in video form:

YouTube Preview Image

The Rink Episode 67: Starting Off Right

We here at The Rink love to get our podcast episodes out in a timely fashion, so we recorded this a few hours before the puck dropped for the start of the season, and got it posted the morning after.

I’m happy to talk to new co-host James O’Brien of ProHockeyTalk and formerly of Cycle Like the Sedins.  We hit upon most of the teams, as well a some of the more controversial issues like no-touch icing, and Brendan Shanahan and his Shanahammer.

We had a few technical issues when recording, so James O’B doesn’t sound quite as good as he could, but we will have it ironed out for next time.

James O’Brien on Twitter (@cyclelikesedins)

James O’s Stanley Cup predictions on PHT.

Rink Road Trip: Who Wants to Chat?

On Monday, October 10th, I’m starting a drive from Buffalo, NY to Denver, CO, and want to talk some hockey along the way.  I’ve always liked talking to a variety of people on The Rink Podcast, and want to meet up with hockey fans along the drive and get your thoughts on the upcoming hockey season.

If you are in the path of the road trip, hit me up in the comments and let me know, or get in touch with me here.  Or hit me up on twitter (@rinkpodcast).

The path of Hurricane James

The Rink Episode 66: Big Bad Bruins with HBAdventure

The Rink finally pokes it’s head out of the sand and returns for the 2011-12 season.  Kicking things off, I’m talking with Cornelius Hardenbergh of The Hockey Blog Adventure about his favorite team and defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins, as well as starting the season overseas, injuries and retirements, and even a little bit about the Minnesota Wild.

Cornelius on twitter (@HBAdventure)

Tyler Seguin’s first NHL Goal:

YouTube Preview Image


Hockey Podcast Survey

The hockey podcast season is starting to ramp up with training camp around the corner.  The Rink will be returning this season, with a few new voices, and some new ideas for more and different episodes.

One of the challenges of podcasting is getting feedback from the audience, and what they like and don’t like about the shows they listen to.  With blogs, it’s easy to add a comment to an blog post, but when you listen to a podcast on your mp3 player, or from a podcast aggregator (like iTunes), there isn’t a simple way to speak your mind as a listener.

So if you can take a minute, I’ve made a simple and quick survey to help myself, and other podcasters, make the kind of shows you want to hear more of.  Ten questions that will help us get a handle on how people listen to hockey podcasts.

This isn’t just a poll just for my own information.  I will share the data with any podcaster who wants it.  I may even just do a separate post with the results.

And this poll doesn’t collect your personal information.  It’s completely anonymous.

Thanks for taking a minute to help other podcasters do the best shows they can do. Hit the poll up after the jump.
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