The Rink: Episode 2

This time on The Rink, we are talking to Ottawa Senators blogger Sherry from Scarlett Ice and the HLOG.  With the Senators coming out of the European opening weekend, we wanted to find out how she felt about the first home game being played overseas, what the Senators are looking like, and if Darth Gerber can get the job done.

Tom has a few things to say about the European opener, conspicuously missing a certain someone.


  1. Nicely done, everyone. Sherry, don’t worry so much about the problems with the Ducks’ record after Europe — a week off should do the Senators just fine. Remember, the Ducks played Sat-Sun in London, then opened the North American season in Detroit on Wed, before playing Fri-Sat for both the Columbus and Pittsburgh home openers. That’s a ton of games even if you forget about the time zones.

    The Ducks’ weariness was really noticeable in Columbus, though, so maybe beware of the second game back.

  2. Thanks for having me on you guys! It was a ton of fun. And I think I’ve been watching too many interviews with hockey players given my propensity to say “You know…” Maybe it’s just a Canadian thing.

    And Sleek, I didn’t remember the specifics of the Ducks’ schedule last year, so I hadn’t realized the games were scheduled so close together. A week off is awesome by comparison.

  3. Sherry – I have a tendency to say “well” way too often, so don’t worry about it. You were a great guest, and we would love to have you on again in the future.

    ES – Thanks. You know we are going to be knocking on your door for some airtime soon.

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