The Rink Episode 3

This time on The Rink, Tom and I are talking to Jon “JP” Press from Japer’s Rink and NHL Fanhouse about all things Capitals, including which Jose Theodore was given a two year contract with the Caps.  Tom and I chat about all the news of the weekend, and I get to tell the other side of the referee story.

Video of Def Leopard from the Puck Daddy blog.

Rule 41 from the NHL rubebook


  1. Nice show again. Enjoy listening.
    Gotta say though, i’d consider changing the title, etc to specify that you guys cover the Eastern Conference (like most of the media).

    I’m just amazed at how most experts pick teams in the West to win and say they are stronger than the East, then spend all their time talking about Eastern teams.

    If you can’t stay up late, learn to love the PVR :-)
    …or just be an Eastern Conference show

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated. Have no fear about the Western Conference coverage, we’ve got that covered in at least 2 of the next 3 shows, if not more than that, depending on who accepts our invites.

    If anything these early interviews were chosen to be with people we were the most comfortable with as we get our feet wet with this thing. They just happened to all be Eastern Conference fans.

    Stick with us, we’ll try not to disappoint.


  3. Paul – I’m glad you are enjoying the show. I think that 3 shows in is a little early to say that we have an Eastern bias, but I can understand where you are coming from. Mind you, opening weekend for the NHL in Europe was all Eastern teams, and while G-Dub is a Devils fan, I wouldn’t turn him down for an interview no matter how it looked. I would say the same about Jon Press.

    It will please you to know that we are going to have Bethany from Bethany’s Hockey Rants on next week. She is an excellent Columbus Blue Jackets blogger, a team that is still in the West.

    Plus, of course, I’m an Avalanche fan, so I would say my biases tend to go the other way.

    But keep listening, and see if you change your mind.

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