The Rink Episode 9

When we get a chance to talk with Eric McErlain of NHL Fanhouse, The Sporting Blog, and of course, Off Wing Opinion, we don’t give him a few minutes, we talk with him the whole show, and then some.  Tom, Eric and I talk Sharks, Stars, Sundin, and other hockey topics that do not start with the letter S.  Hear me call Mike Modano “Matt.”  Fun for the whole family.

The Rink Episode 8

In this episode, we go a little longer than normal, but it’s worth it.  We are talking to three fantastic bloggers this week:

Alanah from Canucks and Beyond talks with us about the Roberto Luongo shutout streak

Steve Lepore from Puck the Media chats about Versus ratings, and a whole lot more

Earl Sleek of the Battle of California gives us some perspective on Brian Burke stepping down as GM of the Ducks

Plus, Tom and I talk about the news of the week, and we put out the call to you, the listener.  We want you to call and tell us what your hockey weekend is going to look like.  Going to games?  Watching games? Playing games?  What hockey adventures are you going to have this weekend?  Call us at 845-704-RINK (7465) and let us know.  Responces will be put on the podcast.

845-704-RINK (7465)

The Rink Episode 7

This week Tom and I are talking to The Forechecker about the Nashville Predators, and Tom shows his love for Igor Larionov.  I complain about the current crop of hockey jerseys, and we talk about Darcy Tucker.  We would stop talking about him, but he keeps giving us reasons.

Episode 6 point 5: Earl Sleek from Battle of California

We continue our conversation with Earl Sleek from The Battle of California and NHL Fanhouse.  More talk about Anaheim, the rest of the Pacific division, and even a little bit about Paul Kariya.

The Rink Episode 6

Tom and I talk to Earl Sleek of The Battle of California and NHL Fanhouse about the Ducks slow start, the Stache, and Sundin.  Plus, to explains the cap issues facing the New Jersey Devils now that Marty Brodeur is going to be out for 3-4 months.