The Rink Episode 14

This week, Tom and I close out the year with our biggest stories so far of the season.  Plus we throw some shout outs.

Enjoy the show.

Greg Wyshinski pimps himself on The Hockey News 100 Most Influtential in Hockey List

Waiting for Stanley

The Rink Episode 13

This week, in our pre-christmas non special, Tom and I talk about the news of the week, including Sundin, Bergeron, the spin-o-rama, and the Winter Classic.  Just some good hockey talk this week.  Stick around.

A Farce United at Scarlett Ice

The Rink Episode 12

This week, Tom and I go a little long, but trust me, it was worth it.  From Avery to Sakic, bad language to bad teams, we have it all.  Plus, Dmitry Chesnokov from Sovetsky Sport joins us.  Read much around the web about the KHL?  Yes, that Dmitry.

Stick around and give it a listen.  Totally worth it.

KHL Fight Video

Mirtle on the blogosphere

Dmitry talks with Alexander Semin

The Rink Episode 11

This week, Tom and I take a piece out of Sean Avery (sorry, but we had to), talk about the Coyotes, Thrashers,and Lightning.  Plus, a special bonus feature at the end of the podcast.  You want to stick around.

In this episode, we referenced a few blog posts.  Here are the Links:

Puck Daddy on the Coyotes.

Eric McErlain talks to a woman who had a Sean Avery encounter.

The Rink Episode 10

This week, it’s just Tom and I, and while our respective teams current hard times are like candy for a baby, we touch on some other topics, like the current standing and how the lower end of the conferences look, Brian Burke in Toronto, and even a little jersey talk.

Thanks for listening.