The Rink Episode 11

This week, Tom and I take a piece out of Sean Avery (sorry, but we had to), talk about the Coyotes, Thrashers,and Lightning.  Plus, a special bonus feature at the end of the podcast.  You want to stick around.

In this episode, we referenced a few blog posts.  Here are the Links:

Puck Daddy on the Coyotes.

Eric McErlain talks to a woman who had a Sean Avery encounter.


  1. Talon Lardner says:

    After reading the comments at Puck Daddy’s article, I am REALLY thankful for this podcast, and that it can provide some sanity to hockey discussion. I’m one of those who thinks that the Phoenix Coyotes can stay where they are, it doesn’t make sense to judge a team so harshly when it has had barely any time to settle in.


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