The Rink Episode 18

Lot’s more than the ASG going on this week.  Tom and I talk about the scariest contracts in the NHL, Tim Thomas and his unconventional style, and… Yes, the ASG.

And I get to talk to Steve Lepore from Puck the Media about ASG coverage, and the speculation about the NHL going back to FOX.

Puck Daddy talks worst contracts (referencing this article)

Tim Thomas kicks ass

The Rink Episode 17

This week, Tom and I talk about the goalie movement in the league, some of the old guard getting back into the NHL, and some of the financial issues the league is facing, and how the players are going to make up the difference with their escrow payments.  Also, I have a little bit of a rant about one of my least favorite rules, and a few suggestions on how to make it better.  I’m having a good time, you?

Tom’s article on the player’s escrow payments.

The Rink Episode 16

We are at the halfway mark of the season, and Tom and I have our take on the standings.  We have to talk about the ASG, and I knew Tom would have something to say about a certain suspension this week.

Puck Daddy shows us the Pronger check

The Rink Episode 15

This week, I talk to Eric McErlain about his time at the Winter Classic, and Tom and I catch up on the week in the NHL.  There is a lot to talk about, it turns out, including the Bruins, Penguins, LA Kings, and the unique fighting styles of Alexander Semin and Sidney Crosby.

Eric McErlain’s videos from the Winter Classic

Crosby Fights via Puck Daddy

Semin “fights” via Puck Daddy