The Rink Episode 22

Is there a bigger story than Tom Renney being fired than the New York Rangers?  No, but there is more going on, such as the Islanders / Senators trade this week, and Tom has something to say about Ryan Miller being injured.

Episode 21.5: Notes from the Road Special Edition

On episode 21.5, I’m talking with PJ Swenson of Sharkspage, Jibblescribits of the blog Jibblescribbits, and Connie from the Kings World Podcast.  Lots of interviews on location.  Bringing the bloggers to you.  Enjoy.

Kings World Podcast



Posts from my blog about my west coast hockey tour (photos, swag, lots of good stuff)

If this is your first time to The Rink, stick around for next Monday, when we have one of our more usual episodes.

The Rink Episode 21

This week, I am on my West Coast Hockey Tour, so if I sound strange, you know the reason.  The Tapeleg Mobile Studio is in LA, and the NHL is still on my mind.  Tom and I have more talk about hockey economy, as well as the news of the week, and our take on it.  Penguins fire their head coach, the Canadiens pick up a Thrasher, and the Ducks are more than strugling.  Plus, were does your team sit in the standing.  Check out this week on The Rink.

The Rink Episode 20

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to talk about every week in the NHL.  Roloson give a love tap in the wrong place, the Sabres and Avs both lose games in big ways, and the standings are shaping up, with some interesting consequences.  Plus, Avery is in the minors, and steroids become a topic of conversation for hockey fans.  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 19

This week, it’s the Tom and James show.  There is plenty to talk about, from contract extentions to coach firings, from jersey fouls to mono, there is no shortage of topics.  Enjoy.