The Rink Episode 27

This week was a bit of a kludge, as our first recording has some technical issues (audio problems). But we did it again, even better than before.

The Frozen Four (NCAA Championships) are almost here, and Tom and I give you the lowdown on who made it to the dance.  Of course we also take a look at the standings and playoff picture before the NHL season begins, and we have some news from the ECHL and SPHL that could be an indicator of more bad news in the world of the minors.

Wild Puck Banter, mentioned in the podcast.  Check out this blog.

The Rink Episode 26

This week, Alex Ovechkin nets his 50th, with a little something extra, the Habs may be for sale, and the hometown discount only counts for people without agents.  Plus the last few playoff slots are up for grabs.  Who wants one? Anyone?

Ryan Kesler quote from Nuck Misconduct

Agent’s response

The Rink Episode 25

This week, Tom makes his  triumphant return, and we had plenty to discuss, including Martin Brodeur, who’s up, who’s down, and who lost a really game.  Plus, the GMs try to discourage fighting, and one fighter in particular had something to say about it.

The Rink Episode 24B: Part 2 with Eric

My talk with Eric was big enough that I wanted to split it into two podcasts.  We discuss the GM meetings, NBC’s decision with the league to move games 1&2 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the network rather than games 3&4, and some of the things that separate the professional players from the scrubs like us (aside from being in shape).

Tom returns next week.

Eric’s writing can be found at:

OffWing Opinion
NHL Fanhouse
The Sporting Blog (from The Sporting News)

The Rink Episode 24A

Another two show week.  Tom Luongo took a game misconduct, and was sent off for the week (actually, he was a little busy), so I was lucky enough to get Eric McErlain to do the podcast with me.  And it turns out we had a lot to talk about, so much that we had to split it into two episodes.

On the first, Eric and I talk about the firing of Guy Carbonneau, Don Cherry and his beef with Ted Leonsis, and where the Washington Capitals are right now.  Part two drops mid-week.

Eric’s Writing:
OffWing Opinion
NHL Fanhouse
The Sporting Blog (part of The Sporting News)

The Rink Episode 23B: Post Deadline

Tom and I break down the trades, who was moved, who wasn’t, who “won” and “lost,” and who didn’t do anything.

The Rink Episode 23A

This week, The Rink talks trades. It’s trade deadline week, and Tom and I break down the big names, and who is going to stay, and who is going to go.  Plus, Marty Brodeur makes a comeback, and a poke in the eye with a sharp finger gets you one game, sort of.

We will be back later in the week for a post deadline wrap-up.

Puck Daddy and the Big 30.

Barry Melrose Rocks talk Bill Guerin.