The Rink Episode 41

This week, we get to talk about my favorite team, the Colorado Avalanche.  I’m joined by Jay Vean who produces the Avs Hockey Podcast. We talk about the Sakic retirement, look at some of the players, and try not to dwell too much on this past season.

Avs Hockey Podcast

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  1. Hey, stumbled upon the Podcast and enjoyed it. I saw you had our show linked. Thanks. Also, we’d be glad to link your show on our site as well if you’d like. If by some chance we have chatted before, sorry it has slipped my mind.

  2. Hey! Just kinda working my way backward a little, since I just found you recently. I gotta say this was an excellent show, you and Jay make a good team. It’s all Avs but that is cool with me.

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