The Rink Episode 46: Return of Tom

With the summer over, Tom Luongo makes his glorious return from off season hibernation, and has a few things on his mind.  We talk about preseason hits, The Great One becoming the missing one, and the NHLPA. Plus a whole lot more.

As promised, here is the Milwaukee Admirals 3rd jersey. If it weren’t a RBK EDGE jersey, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Admirals 3rd jersey

Admirals 3rd jersey

A quick note about the production: Thanks to the great state of Alaska, there is no good internet to be found. I can’t stream anything, I can’t use Skype, nothing. Tom and I had to talk on our cellphones, and record the audio of our mics separately. So if things sound strange, it’s because we weren’t using our normal recording process.


  1. Guys, I LOVE this jersey. A friend of a friend is the play-by-play man for the Admirals. I may have to see if I can get the hook up. Why the beef with the RBK Edge jersey?

  2. I love the design. I just hate the EDGE jerseys. I haven’t found one I like. The fit is way off, the materials feel cheap, and the patches are ridiculous. I can’t see spending that much money on something that is worse than the thing it replaced. Sorry, Eddie. I just can’t do it.

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