The Rink Episode 48: Tweetcast

It’s a Tweetcast this week, and we had six excellent guests for this one:

Ryan Classic:
The Classic blog

Jay Kumar:
Completely Conspicuous, Jay’s podcast

Buddy Oakes:
Preds On The Glass podcast and blog

Justin Goldman:
The Goalie Guild
Avs Weekly on Mile High Sports Radio

Steve Lepore:
Puck the Media
In Lou We Trust


We talked about all around the NHL, with a wide variety of topics. And don’t forget to check out their blogs and twitter accounts


  1. Nice podcast. Cool idea getting people from all around to talk about their teams. I thought I would just listen to the Avs portion but ended up listening to the whole thing!

  2. Thanks, FTP. It’s the whole reason I started a podcast. To find out more about hockey, and talk to the fans. I can’t wait to do the next one.

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