The Rink Episode 54 Part 2: Home for the Hockey-Days

Tom and I are taking this week off, sort of, from the podcast.  There’s probably something here for you, as I tell you about some other great hockey podcasts, a few blog posts, and just a bit of thanks in general for listening to the show.

We will be back next week all fired up for some serious hockey talk.

My “intent to blow” post.

The opposing view from Gross Misconduct.

Yahoo! has live hockey games.

Making it easier to read hockey blogs.

The Rink Episode 54 part 1

It’s a two part Rink Podcast this week.  Part one features Eric McErlain talking about the state of the Washington Capitals, and Jason Cohen, author of Zamboni Rodeo, hanging out with me at a hockey game, and talking about one of my favorite topics, minor league hockey.

OffWing Opinion

Zamboni Rodeo

Jason Cohen on twitter

The Rink Episode 53: Tweetcast!

It’s another tweetcast, and I’m joined by a happier Jay Kumar to talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs, and by Justin Goldman of The Goalie Guild to talk about… goalies.  And we have a lot to talk about. It’s a fun episode of The Rink.

Jay Kumar:
Completely Conspicuous, Jay’s podcast

Justin Goldman:
The Goalie Guild
Avs Weekly on Mile High Sports Radio

The Rink Episode 52: Context!

Context is the buzz word as Tom and I take on the issue of head shots, and who would want to be an NHL owner in light of what happened in Phoenix. Keep your head up!