The Rink Episode 52: Context!

Context is the buzz word as Tom and I take on the issue of head shots, and who would want to be an NHL owner in light of what happened in Phoenix. Keep your head up!


  1. I knew my vision of the hockey apocalypse would be heard again. Thanks guys.

  2. Tom Luongo says:

    It is our aim to please here at The Rink, Chris. Thanks for listening.


  3. Chris – Can you send me a link or two to that stuff?

  4. I love you! Plain and simple! I need to get you on VS!!!

  5. Shunock – Man, I need to get you on a show some time. You would be great.

  6. HI guys, talk about head shots and you sound like an authority.

    Talk about NHL business and you should take a business 101 class, turn it into a 4 year undergraduate degree, get good marks and go on to an MBA degree. Graduate and look back at what you’ve said about starting a new league VS the NHL etc. etc. and you will see how silly you sound …

    Stay focused, love, laugh, live and give

  7. Steven – I don’t know. A 4 year degree seems like a lot of work just to see if we sound silly or not. But we do talk about the business of the NHL a lot on the show.


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