The Rink Episode 58: Points and Problems

This week, I’m talking to Ryan Classic about the point system the NHL uses for the standing, and the Ottawa Senators issues with goaltending, such as the proverbial puck in the face.  Plus, I have a cold.  Sorry for the sniffles folks.

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The Rink Episode 57: Two for a Tweetcast

Two good guests on this week’s tweetcast, Matt from Columbus (@BZArcher), and James from Denver (@BleedBurgundy).  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 56: Agree to Disagree

Tom Luongo and I have a few things we agree about, and a few we don’t.  From suspensions to goals, to hiring and firing, it’s a very special episode of The Rink. (OK, it isn’t very special, but I like it)

The Rink Episode 55: Joint Production

This episode of the Rink is brought to you by the number 19, and the letter A. As in Avs, as in Avs Hockey Podcast.  Jay Vean sat down with me for a talk about the Avs, and other doings in the league as well.

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Voukon get’s the stick, from his own player

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Scott Parker tosses George Parros’ glove into the crowd (second look near the end)

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