The Rink Episode 56: Agree to Disagree

Tom Luongo and I have a few things we agree about, and a few we don’t.  From suspensions to goals, to hiring and firing, it’s a very special episode of The Rink. (OK, it isn’t very special, but I like it)


  1. I’m a Rangers fan and I saw the same thing. It wasn’t a goal. Callahan doesn’t score goals so it stunk from the beginning..

    • I just watched the goal replay on That looked like a goal to me. Under the crossbar, hit the netting, bounced down. We’ve seen those before, it’s nothing new. Callahan scoring may be new, but not that type of goal. Plus, if it had hit a crossbar, we would have heard it. You could hear every stride on that ice surface, you would have heard a crossbar.

      And if Ryan Miller wasn’t complaining about it – and he loves to complain – then it was probably a goal.


  1. […] Yeah, I’m a little less genial on this weeks episode. Tom and I get into it a little – not a lot – about a few things. Go and have a listen. […]

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