The Rink Episode 57: Two for a Tweetcast

Two good guests on this week’s tweetcast, Matt from Columbus (@BZArcher), and James from Denver (@BleedBurgundy).  Enjoy the show.


  1. James – Love your show – listen to everything you put up. One quibble – please stop calling the canucks the ca-nooks. It’s Canucks, rhymes with…trucks. Cheers, Mike

  2. Rufus – Hey, at least I pronounce Canadiens correctly. Seriously, though, I will work on it. It may take some time, since it’s kind of ingrained.

  3. James – appreciate the effort. Also, it was strange to hear the Av fan was not happy with Wolski. Is that a common opinion in Denver? I have Wolski in my hockey pool and I can’t complain about a point per game guy.

    • Rufus – With regards to Wolski, the past few seasons, we have seen him benched for being less than motivated on the ice. He usually gets the message for a little while, then forgets again (think of the movie Fight Club, when the club owner is beating up Tyler Durden, and Durden keeps saying he isn’t getting it). If the cycle is broken, I think all would be forgiven.


  1. […] who goes by the username of BleedBurgundy on Twitter.  The link to the Tweetcast podcast is here in case you want to give it a listen.  In the show, James compared Wojtek Wolski’s lack of […]

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