Episode 60: Go for the Gold, Settle for the Silver

This week, I’m talking to Jay Kumar, from the Completely Conspicuous podcast, and a few tweetcasts from the past. Jay and I watched the Gold Medal game together, then discussed the Olympics, and Jay caught me up on the Maple Leafs. And a whole lot more.

Completely Conspicuous podcast and Jay’s blog

Jay on Twitter


  1. I always thought it was silly how people were -so- disappointed to get the silver medal in the Olympics. Yes, of course you want the gold, but come on…it’s an honor to even be good enough to be in the Olympics, second place is pretty awesome!


  1. […] I watched the final game with my buddy Jay Kumar, then we recorded some podcasts after (his and mine).  It’s going to be hard to trump that experience.  Jay is awesome, and a treat to watch a […]

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