How To Use This Site

There’s actually a lot of stuff here to have fun with, but mostly the podcast.  Here are the basics:

To listen to the podcast directy from this site:

Use the player at the bottom of each post.  Each player contains the episode refered to in the post.  Soon, there will be a sidebar audio player to playback every episode of The Rink.

To download an episode to your computer:

Right-click on the download link at the bottom of each post, and chose “Save Link As…” and save it to your hard drive.

To subscribe in iTunes:

You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking the link on the sidebar, or clicking here.

To see your picture in the comments:

Go to and sign up for a Gravatar account. Follow the instructions there, and you will be well on the way.

To follow The Rink on Twitter:

You can find our Twitter page here.

If you aren’t sure what a podcast is, here is a short video breaking it down for you:

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s one that makes no sense at all, but could be surprisingly accurate.

YouTube Preview Image