Rink Road Trip: Who Wants to Chat?

On Monday, October 10th, I’m starting a drive from Buffalo, NY to Denver, CO, and want to talk some hockey along the way.  I’ve always liked talking to a variety of people on The Rink Podcast, and want to meet up with hockey fans along the drive and get your thoughts on the upcoming hockey season.

If you are in the path of the road trip, hit me up in the comments and let me know, or get in touch with me here.  Or hit me up on twitter (@rinkpodcast).

The path of Hurricane James

The Rink Episode 66: Big Bad Bruins with HBAdventure

The Rink finally pokes it’s head out of the sand and returns for the 2011-12 season.  Kicking things off, I’m talking with Cornelius Hardenbergh of The Hockey Blog Adventure about his favorite team and defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins, as well as starting the season overseas, injuries and retirements, and even a little bit about the Minnesota Wild.

Cornelius on twitter (@HBAdventure)

Tyler Seguin’s first NHL Goal:

YouTube Preview Image


Hockey Podcast Survey

The hockey podcast season is starting to ramp up with training camp around the corner.  The Rink will be returning this season, with a few new voices, and some new ideas for more and different episodes.

One of the challenges of podcasting is getting feedback from the audience, and what they like and don’t like about the shows they listen to.  With blogs, it’s easy to add a comment to an blog post, but when you listen to a podcast on your mp3 player, or from a podcast aggregator (like iTunes), there isn’t a simple way to speak your mind as a listener.

So if you can take a minute, I’ve made a simple and quick survey to help myself, and other podcasters, make the kind of shows you want to hear more of.  Ten questions that will help us get a handle on how people listen to hockey podcasts.

This isn’t just a poll just for my own information.  I will share the data with any podcaster who wants it.  I may even just do a separate post with the results.

And this poll doesn’t collect your personal information.  It’s completely anonymous.

Thanks for taking a minute to help other podcasters do the best shows they can do. Hit the poll up after the jump.
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By Way of Explanation

I don’t like doing posts like this.  The ones that beg people’s forgiveness, and explain why the posting hasn’t been as frequent, or things have just gone completely off the rails…

But here goes.

Back in September, right about the time the last episode was posted, I was asked to work on a project that was interesting to me on several levels.  It took a lot of my free time, including my one day off a week (Monday, an inconvenient day for people to be a guest on a podcast, FYI) when I usually recorded The Rink.  I poured more time into that project than would allow me to work on The Rink (as well as my regular job that pays the bills).  I was in a few cities in a row that had poor internet (a poor excuse, but also making the cornerstone of podcasting – the Skype call – near impossible).

That project fell apart, and in the end, I fell out of the habit of recording The Rink.  Getting back on the horse has proven difficult.  There is no lack of technical tools, and with those tools, technical frustrations.  But returning to a regular podcast recording schedule has been hard. It’s almost like starting over again, except that I have all the tools I need, and the editing skills to do the job as well.

There are a few other frustrations you may not be aware of, but I want to keep those to myself, and not publicize them.  Still, they exist.

Time is opening up now, right as the regular season has come to a close.  What I don’t want to do is put out an episode, and then quit for a month.  What I  need to do is recommit to The Rink, and make it happen on a regular, weekly basis again.  I need to decide how to make that happen, and what it will take for that to happen.

There hasn’t been an episode of The Rink for almost six and a half months.  And it may not seem like it, but The Rink is something has given me a lot of satisfaction.  I loved talking to other podcasters and bloggers, and meeting some of those people face to face.  I’m really proud of some of the work I have done on it, and want to bring it back.  But I don’t want to do it lightly.

I am going to be in some great hockey cities soon, like Toronto and Ottawa.  And while there won’t be playoff hockey going, there are people there I’m looking forward to seeing and talking to.  Will that be a jumping off point for The Rink relaunch? I hope so.

To those who have been wondering, thanks. I hope that I haven’t completely blown your trust or faith.  That The Rink has languished this much has been gnawing away at me for some time.  I hope I can re-establish some of that faith when The Rink relaunches.

And thank you to the people who have asked, cajoled, and offered to be guests, especially Jon Swenson of Sharkspage, Jay Kumar from Completely Conspicuous, and Jay Vean of The Avs Hockey Podcast.

Thanks for your patience. I appreciate it more than you know.

The Rink Episode 65: Avalanche Blogger Roundtable

After day one of the Colorado Avalanche training camp, I got together with a five hockey fans to talk about the Avalanche, the media, twitter,  and the rest of the league.  It was a really fun conversation, and the only person who swore (and had to be bleeped) was me! So unprofessional. :)

A note about the production: This was the first time I recorded the show with this setup, and the volume levels are a little uneven.  It certainly wasn’t my intention for my voice to be the loudest.  It just worked out that way.  I’ll try and nail it next time I use it.

Please, visit their blogs, follow them on twitter, and enjoy the show.

The panel:

Angelique C. Murray – @Jori5280

Colorado Avalanche Prospects

Ryan Boulding and Johnathan Gebhart – @burgundyblog

The Burgundy Blog

James Kyle – @jqcolorado

Justin Goldman – @TheAvsGuild

The Avalanche Guild

The Rink Episode 64 Part 2: Classic All Over

It’s part two of my talk with Ryan Classic, where we continue our goalie discussion, and talk about Teemu Selanne, the retirement of Chris Chelios and that fine chili he makes, and Ron Tugnutt. Yes, really.

Ryan on Twitter

Silver Seven: An SBNation blog Ryan writes for.


The Rink is an independent production.  If you want to help The Rink, you can review the show on iTunes, you can comment on the website, call and leave a message at 845-704-RINK, or tell a hockey fan about the show.  If you want to be a guest on the show, or are interested in being a tweetcast guest (which is shorter), hit me up in the contact form.  It’s quick and easy.

The Rink Episode 64 Part 1: Goalie-Go-Round

I was privileged to spend some actual face to face time with Ryan Mance, aka Ryan Classic, to talk goalies (which seem to be the big news lately), and much more. We went long, so this one is split into two parts. Diffidently check out part two.

Quick mention: I said that Peter Budaj and Jose Theodore played in Chicago. It was a mistake, and a slip of the tongue, because we were talking about Chicago. By now, I’m sure you are used to me screwing something up. :-)

Ryan on Twitter

Silver Seven: An SBNation blog Ryan writes for.

The article from Copper and Blue we reference.


Neil Little dog-piles a brawl

YouTube Preview Image

The Rink Episode 63 : The Season That Was

Finally putting a wrap on the season, I’m joined by Jay Vean of The Avs Hockey Podcast to talk about the 2009-10 season, the 2010 draft, and free agency.  Please note that this episode was recorded on July 7th. There were a few issues posting this episode, but almost everything is still relevant. Other than LeBron James finally signing somewhere.

The Rink Episode 62: Time for a Tweetcast

It’s time for a tweetcast, where I poll twitter (you can follow The Rink at @rinkpodcast, or follow me at @tapeleg), and see who wants to talk hockey on the podcast.

K oc C:

(sorry, K had some problems with her phone. I did my best to minimize the noise, but it’s still there)

A Little Chippy

K of C on Twitter

Buddy Oakes:

Preds on the Glass

Buddy on Twitter

Nashville Flood Relief Tweetup

Some items from the Tweetup

Jay Kumar:

Kumar’s Blizznog, home of Completely Conspicuous.

Jay on Twitter

The Amarillo Gorillas announce their demise.

Don Cherry on wikipedia

Episode 61: Say Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

After what feels like way too long, a new Rink has arrived, and it’s way too long.  I won’t lie to you, this should be split into two parts, but it’s just so much fun this way.  Jay Vean of the Avs Hockey Podcast and we talk about… The Avalanche.  But fear not, non-Avalanche fans, we talk about many other things as well.  We meander through the league, and come up with plenty to discuss.

Also, I say something in the form of a joke that some would attribute to the Family Guy – Empire Strikes Back parody, but I would attribute to Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse, GO! It’s not an attempt to steal someones joke, it just came pouring out, so please, consider it an homage, a tribute to a guy who’s podcast I truly enjoy.