The Rink Episode 63 : The Season That Was

Finally putting a wrap on the season, I’m joined by Jay Vean of The Avs Hockey Podcast to talk about the 2009-10 season, the 2010 draft, and free agency.  Please note that this episode was recorded on July 7th. There were a few issues posting this episode, but almost everything is still relevant. Other than LeBron James finally signing somewhere.

The Rink Episode 62: Time for a Tweetcast

It’s time for a tweetcast, where I poll twitter (you can follow The Rink at @rinkpodcast, or follow me at @tapeleg), and see who wants to talk hockey on the podcast.

K oc C:

(sorry, K had some problems with her phone. I did my best to minimize the noise, but it’s still there)

A Little Chippy

K of C on Twitter

Buddy Oakes:

Preds on the Glass

Buddy on Twitter

Nashville Flood Relief Tweetup

Some items from the Tweetup

Jay Kumar:

Kumar’s Blizznog, home of Completely Conspicuous.

Jay on Twitter

The Amarillo Gorillas announce their demise.

Don Cherry on wikipedia

Episode 61: Say Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

After what feels like way too long, a new Rink has arrived, and it’s way too long.  I won’t lie to you, this should be split into two parts, but it’s just so much fun this way.  Jay Vean of the Avs Hockey Podcast and we talk about… The Avalanche.  But fear not, non-Avalanche fans, we talk about many other things as well.  We meander through the league, and come up with plenty to discuss.

Also, I say something in the form of a joke that some would attribute to the Family Guy – Empire Strikes Back parody, but I would attribute to Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse, GO! It’s not an attempt to steal someones joke, it just came pouring out, so please, consider it an homage, a tribute to a guy who’s podcast I truly enjoy.

Episode 60: Go for the Gold, Settle for the Silver

This week, I’m talking to Jay Kumar, from the Completely Conspicuous podcast, and a few tweetcasts from the past. Jay and I watched the Gold Medal game together, then discussed the Olympics, and Jay caught me up on the Maple Leafs. And a whole lot more.

Completely Conspicuous podcast and Jay’s blog

Jay on Twitter

The Rink Episode 59 Part 2: Cycle Like A Podcast

In part two of my Two from Texas series, I chat with Jame O’Brien from Cycle Like the Sedins about hockey in Texas, the NHL, and even the Texas Brahmas game we had just watched.

James O’Brien on Twitter

The Rink Episode 59 Part 1: Hockey in Texas

Two from Texas. This week, I’m talking to two hockey blogger located in the Lone Star State.  For this episode, I sit down with Ben Ellis from the site, Big D Hockey, a blog covering all of the professional hockey teams in Texas.

The Rink Episode 58: Points and Problems

This week, I’m talking to Ryan Classic about the point system the NHL uses for the standing, and the Ottawa Senators issues with goaltending, such as the proverbial puck in the face.  Plus, I have a cold.  Sorry for the sniffles folks.

The Classic Blog

Ryan on Twitter

The Rink Episode 57: Two for a Tweetcast

Two good guests on this week’s tweetcast, Matt from Columbus (@BZArcher), and James from Denver (@BleedBurgundy).  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 56: Agree to Disagree

Tom Luongo and I have a few things we agree about, and a few we don’t.  From suspensions to goals, to hiring and firing, it’s a very special episode of The Rink. (OK, it isn’t very special, but I like it)

The Rink Episode 55: Joint Production

This episode of the Rink is brought to you by the number 19, and the letter A. As in Avs, as in Avs Hockey Podcast.  Jay Vean sat down with me for a talk about the Avs, and other doings in the league as well.

The Avs Hockey Podcast

Jay’s Facebook page

Jay on Twitter

Voukon get’s the stick, from his own player

YouTube Preview Image

Scott Parker tosses George Parros’ glove into the crowd (second look near the end)

YouTube Preview Image