The Rink Episode 33

One series of round 2 wraps up while Tom and I record the podcast. the Capitals force game 7, and there is still a lot more to talk about.  The Bruins take the beating while winning. there is other talk about movement, and we get in a lightning round, at least, as much of one as Tom and I do.

Map of the AHL from OurSportsCentral

Watch the punch from Scott Walker

Watch the slash on Zdeno Chara

My post about Adrian Dater

The Rink Episode 21

This week, I am on my West Coast Hockey Tour, so if I sound strange, you know the reason.  The Tapeleg Mobile Studio is in LA, and the NHL is still on my mind.  Tom and I have more talk about hockey economy, as well as the news of the week, and our take on it.  Penguins fire their head coach, the Canadiens pick up a Thrasher, and the Ducks are more than strugling.  Plus, were does your team sit in the standing.  Check out this week on The Rink.

The Rink Episode 11

This week, Tom and I take a piece out of Sean Avery (sorry, but we had to), talk about the Coyotes, Thrashers,and Lightning.  Plus, a special bonus feature at the end of the podcast.  You want to stick around.

In this episode, we referenced a few blog posts.  Here are the Links:

Puck Daddy on the Coyotes.

Eric McErlain talks to a woman who had a Sean Avery encounter.