The Rink Episode 28

We were a little late getting this one out, but we did manage to save the episode from being completely out of date before it hit the web.  The playoffs are just a few days away, and with only a couple of games left in the regular season, the  matchups are looking interesting.  Plus, Crosby fights like a man finally, and Sean Avery isn’t a good actor after all.

The Rink Episode 20

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to talk about every week in the NHL.  Roloson give a love tap in the wrong place, the Sabres and Avs both lose games in big ways, and the standings are shaping up, with some interesting consequences.  Plus, Avery is in the minors, and steroids become a topic of conversation for hockey fans.  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 11

This week, Tom and I take a piece out of Sean Avery (sorry, but we had to), talk about the Coyotes, Thrashers,and Lightning.  Plus, a special bonus feature at the end of the podcast.  You want to stick around.

In this episode, we referenced a few blog posts.  Here are the Links:

Puck Daddy on the Coyotes.

Eric McErlain talks to a woman who had a Sean Avery encounter.