The Rink Episode 56: Agree to Disagree

Tom Luongo and I have a few things we agree about, and a few we don’t.  From suspensions to goals, to hiring and firing, it’s a very special episode of The Rink. (OK, it isn’t very special, but I like it)

The Rink Episode 50: Around the Rinks

It’s a bit of a milestone for The Rink. Episode 50 finds Tom and I talking about our favorite teams, Tom’s night out, and plenty of other stuff, including the Bruins solving problems, and the NHLPA having a hard time solving theirs.

Video of the Toews hit:

YouTube Preview Image

The Rink Episode 49: A New Hope?

This week on The Rink, everything is coming up bananacakes, as both Tom and I are having stellar starts to the season. But the Avs and Sabres aren’t the only things on our minds. Tom and I talk about the bottom end of the spectrum, which includes the Leafs, Red Wings, and Canucks, and we even delve into the dreaded trap. Enjoy.

Puck Daddy post on Chris Chelios.

The Rink Episode 47: Opening Around the Corner

It’s the 47th Episode of The Rink, almost a year of the show in the bag (I had to skip a few weeks over the summer, and yet I still have 55 episodes with the specials and the like). Tom and I talk about Theo Fleury, the start of the season, and if DirecTV is actually making things better for it’s hockey loving customers. Plus… a whole lot more.

Rink Podcast Episdoe 39

The draft is fast approaching, and Tom is excited.  I am too, but there is plenty to talk about, and we get to it.  Bouwmeester, the awards, and where will old man Cheli play next year?

Pension Plan Puppets has all your draft info from 1994-2008

The Rink Episode 22

Is there a bigger story than Tom Renney being fired than the New York Rangers?  No, but there is more going on, such as the Islanders / Senators trade this week, and Tom has something to say about Ryan Miller being injured.

The Rink Episode 21

This week, I am on my West Coast Hockey Tour, so if I sound strange, you know the reason.  The Tapeleg Mobile Studio is in LA, and the NHL is still on my mind.  Tom and I have more talk about hockey economy, as well as the news of the week, and our take on it.  Penguins fire their head coach, the Canadiens pick up a Thrasher, and the Ducks are more than strugling.  Plus, were does your team sit in the standing.  Check out this week on The Rink.

The Rink Episode 20

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to talk about every week in the NHL.  Roloson give a love tap in the wrong place, the Sabres and Avs both lose games in big ways, and the standings are shaping up, with some interesting consequences.  Plus, Avery is in the minors, and steroids become a topic of conversation for hockey fans.  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 15

This week, I talk to Eric McErlain about his time at the Winter Classic, and Tom and I catch up on the week in the NHL.  There is a lot to talk about, it turns out, including the Bruins, Penguins, LA Kings, and the unique fighting styles of Alexander Semin and Sidney Crosby.

Eric McErlain’s videos from the Winter Classic

Crosby Fights via Puck Daddy

Semin “fights” via Puck Daddy

The Rink Episode 12

This week, Tom and I go a little long, but trust me, it was worth it.  From Avery to Sakic, bad language to bad teams, we have it all.  Plus, Dmitry Chesnokov from Sovetsky Sport joins us.  Read much around the web about the KHL?  Yes, that Dmitry.

Stick around and give it a listen.  Totally worth it.

KHL Fight Video

Mirtle on the blogosphere

Dmitry talks with Alexander Semin