The Rink Episode 63 : The Season That Was

Finally putting a wrap on the season, I’m joined by Jay Vean of The Avs Hockey Podcast to talk about the 2009-10 season, the 2010 draft, and free agency.  Please note that this episode was recorded on July 7th. There were a few issues posting this episode, but almost everything is still relevant. Other than LeBron James finally signing somewhere.

Rink Podcast Episdoe 39

The draft is fast approaching, and Tom is excited.  I am too, but there is plenty to talk about, and we get to it.  Bouwmeester, the awards, and where will old man Cheli play next year?

Pension Plan Puppets has all your draft info from 1994-2008

The Rink Episode 29B

Part two of Tom and I talking with Eric McErlain.  In this part, we discuss the rest of the hockey world outside of the playoffs, including other potential choices for the Islanders’ first round pick.  And since we have Eric on the line, we talk a healthy amount about the Washington Capitals.