The Rink Episode 19

This week, it’s the Tom and James show.  There is plenty to talk about, from contract extentions to coach firings, from jersey fouls to mono, there is no shortage of topics.  Enjoy.

The Rink Episode 10

This week, it’s just Tom and I, and while our respective teams current hard times are like candy for a baby, we touch on some other topics, like the current standing and how the lower end of the conferences look, Brian Burke in Toronto, and even a little jersey talk.

Thanks for listening.

The Rink Episode 7

This week Tom and I are talking to The Forechecker about the Nashville Predators, and Tom shows his love for Igor Larionov.  I complain about the current crop of hockey jerseys, and we talk about Darcy Tucker.  We would stop talking about him, but he keeps giving us reasons.