Rink Report – April 18, 2014

Recapping the games from last night, and setting up the three games happening tonight.

No news to report today, much like April 18, 1930 for the BBC.  We, unlike the BBC, will not play piano music instead.

Alexandar Steen’s OT Goal

Paul Stastny ties the game

And then, Paul Statstny wins the game, from almost the same exact place on the ice.

Also, a Systems Analyst post from Justin Bourne on the game winner by Montreal against the Lightning.  I love these posts.

Partick Kane freezes Ryan Miller

Rink Report – April 17, 2014

Day two of the playoffs, day two of the Report.  Let’s get this thing going.

I recap the scores of the three playoff games, as well as tidbits (yes, I said tidbits) from each.  I also take a quick look at the four playoff games happening tonight.  And news from Abbotsford, BC.  You heard that right.

Bobrovsky’s Bobble:

Getzlaf takes a slapper to the face:

Abbotsford Breaks Ties with AHL Team (The Globe and Mail)

Abbotsford Heat to leave, city to pay $5.5 million to end deal (Chilliwack Progress)

(Hat tip to Field of Schemes)



The Rink Episode 51: Eddie Garcia

I was in Anaheim for the Ducks – Leafs game, which I thought the Leafs would lose. Silly me.  The Ducks didn’t show up, but Eddie Garcia from the Puck Podcast did show up. We played a little hockey, and talked for a while about the LA Kings, hockey jerseys, and the California hockey experience.

Puck Podcast

Eddie skates like this guy, but I think I could take him (no, I couldn't)

Eddie skates like this guy, but I think I could take him (no, I couldn't)

The Rink Episode 42: Eddie from Puck Podcast

This week, I’m honored to have as a guest Eddie Garcia from Puck Podcast on the show.  Eddie has one of the most professional sounding podcasts out there, and I’m happy he agreed to come on The Rink.

You can find Puck Podcast here.

Episode 21.5: Notes from the Road Special Edition

On episode 21.5, I’m talking with PJ Swenson of Sharkspage, Jibblescribits of the blog Jibblescribbits, and Connie from the Kings World Podcast.  Lots of interviews on location.  Bringing the bloggers to you.  Enjoy.

Kings World Podcast



Posts from my blog about my west coast hockey tour (photos, swag, lots of good stuff)

If this is your first time to The Rink, stick around for next Monday, when we have one of our more usual episodes.