The Rink Episode 62: Time for a Tweetcast

It’s time for a tweetcast, where I poll twitter (you can follow The Rink at @rinkpodcast, or follow me at @tapeleg), and see who wants to talk hockey on the podcast.

K oc C:

(sorry, K had some problems with her phone. I did my best to minimize the noise, but it’s still there)

A Little Chippy

K of C on Twitter

Buddy Oakes:

Preds on the Glass

Buddy on Twitter

Nashville Flood Relief Tweetup

Some items from the Tweetup

Jay Kumar:

Kumar’s Blizznog, home of Completely Conspicuous.

Jay on Twitter

The Amarillo Gorillas announce their demise.

Don Cherry on wikipedia

The Rink Episode 59 Part 1: Hockey in Texas

Two from Texas. This week, I’m talking to two hockey blogger located in the Lone Star State.  For this episode, I sit down with Ben Ellis from the site, Big D Hockey, a blog covering all of the professional hockey teams in Texas.

The Rink Episode 54 part 1

It’s a two part Rink Podcast this week.  Part one features Eric McErlain talking about the state of the Washington Capitals, and Jason Cohen, author of Zamboni Rodeo, hanging out with me at a hockey game, and talking about one of my favorite topics, minor league hockey.

OffWing Opinion

Zamboni Rodeo

Jason Cohen on twitter

The Rink Episode 27

This week was a bit of a kludge, as our first recording has some technical issues (audio problems). But we did it again, even better than before.

The Frozen Four (NCAA Championships) are almost here, and Tom and I give you the lowdown on who made it to the dance.  Of course we also take a look at the standings and playoff picture before the NHL season begins, and we have some news from the ECHL and SPHL that could be an indicator of more bad news in the world of the minors.

Wild Puck Banter, mentioned in the podcast.  Check out this blog.