Rink Report – May 29th, 2014

A quick update, a slow news day, and no, I did not buy an air raid siren.

Rink Report – May 23rd, 2014

Early morning podcast!

Rink Report – May 1, 2014

A short update closing out the first round and opening up the second.

The Rink Episode 32

Round two of the playoffs are underway, and we have plenty to talk about, from changing OT to Sidney Crosby’s dislike of hats. Plenty to talk about, plus a little NHL financial news (we keep it short). Enjoy the show.

My guest post on Puck the Media

Chris Kunitz crosschecks on Puck Daddy

Kukla’s post about dirty players (thanks, Alanah!)

The Rink Episode 22

Is there a bigger story than Tom Renney being fired than the New York Rangers?  No, but there is more going on, such as the Islanders / Senators trade this week, and Tom has something to say about Ryan Miller being injured.