Rink Report – May 13th, 2014

Here is David Desharnais’ ‘save.’


Some post game shenanigans.


The Rink Episode 64 Part 1: Goalie-Go-Round

I was privileged to spend some actual face to face time with Ryan Mance, aka Ryan Classic, to talk goalies (which seem to be the big news lately), and much more. We went long, so this one is split into two parts. Diffidently check out part two.

Quick mention: I said that Peter Budaj and Jose Theodore played in Chicago. It was a mistake, and a slip of the tongue, because we were talking about Chicago. By now, I’m sure you are used to me screwing something up. :-)

Ryan on Twitter

Silver Seven: An SBNation blog Ryan writes for.

The article from Copper and Blue we reference.


Neil Little dog-piles a brawl

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The Rink Episode 58: Points and Problems

This week, I’m talking to Ryan Classic about the point system the NHL uses for the standing, and the Ottawa Senators issues with goaltending, such as the proverbial puck in the face.  Plus, I have a cold.  Sorry for the sniffles folks.

The Classic Blog

Ryan on Twitter

The Rink Episode 43: Scotty Wazz

Scott Wasilewski joins me in Tapeleg Studios for a podcast session that is at times serious, at times funny, and at times, I have no idea.  We talk about the Senators and who is in goal, the Coyotes and their circus, Patrick Kane, and a host of other topics. I had a great time recording this, I hope you have a great time listening.

The Face Off Hockey Show

Scott’s hockey blog

Scott on Twitter

Scott looking happy, and modeling the Kelowna jersey:


The Rink Episode 22

Is there a bigger story than Tom Renney being fired than the New York Rangers?  No, but there is more going on, such as the Islanders / Senators trade this week, and Tom has something to say about Ryan Miller being injured.

The Rink Episode 20

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to talk about every week in the NHL.  Roloson give a love tap in the wrong place, the Sabres and Avs both lose games in big ways, and the standings are shaping up, with some interesting consequences.  Plus, Avery is in the minors, and steroids become a topic of conversation for hockey fans.  Enjoy the show.

The Rink Episode 19

This week, it’s the Tom and James show.  There is plenty to talk about, from contract extentions to coach firings, from jersey fouls to mono, there is no shortage of topics.  Enjoy.

The Rink: Episode 2

This time on The Rink, we are talking to Ottawa Senators blogger Sherry from Scarlett Ice and the HLOG.  With the Senators coming out of the European opening weekend, we wanted to find out how she felt about the first home game being played overseas, what the Senators are looking like, and if Darth Gerber can get the job done.

Tom has a few things to say about the European opener, conspicuously missing a certain someone.