The Rink Episode 52: Context!

Context is the buzz word as Tom and I take on the issue of head shots, and who would want to be an NHL owner in light of what happened in Phoenix. Keep your head up!

The Rink Episode 49: A New Hope?

This week on The Rink, everything is coming up bananacakes, as both Tom and I are having stellar starts to the season. But the Avs and Sabres aren’t the only things on our minds. Tom and I talk about the bottom end of the spectrum, which includes the Leafs, Red Wings, and Canucks, and we even delve into the dreaded trap. Enjoy.

Puck Daddy post on Chris Chelios.

The Rink Episode 43: Scotty Wazz

Scott Wasilewski joins me in Tapeleg Studios for a podcast session that is at times serious, at times funny, and at times, I have no idea.  We talk about the Senators and who is in goal, the Coyotes and their circus, Patrick Kane, and a host of other topics. I had a great time recording this, I hope you have a great time listening.

The Face Off Hockey Show

Scott’s hockey blog

Scott on Twitter

Scott looking happy, and modeling the Kelowna jersey:


The Rink Episode 42: Eddie from Puck Podcast

This week, I’m honored to have as a guest Eddie Garcia from Puck Podcast on the show.  Eddie has one of the most professional sounding podcasts out there, and I’m happy he agreed to come on The Rink.

You can find Puck Podcast here.

The Rink Episode 38

I’m flying solo this week, and that means I get to talk about what I want to.  The Stanley Cup has been handed out and the season is over, but there is still plenty of news in the NHL and around the minor leagues.

Call in to The Rink and let us know how your season went. Were you happy?  Were you dissapointed? Did you get Versus on your hotel TV? Call The Rink at 845-704-RINK (7465).

The Rink Episode 37

Even though the Stanley Cup Finals are well under way, the Phoenix Coyotes are keeping the attention.  The Avalanche finally hire a head coach and GM, and we may see the return of Ray Emery.

Puck Daddy on the fines.

Where did we get all those numbers? Now you know.

The Rink Episode 36

The Rink takes a look at the Bettman state of the game address, the new guys hired by the Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens, and yes, even the Stanley Cup finals.

The Rink Episode 34

If the Playoffs aren’t going the way Tom and I want, do we still have to watch them? The answer is yes, but we can still complain about them.  And news comes in fast and furious (finally) about the Coyotes situation.  Tom and I have all the updates as the dogs see there day in court.

James Mirtle on Balsillie’s back door.

Pierre LeBrun on Chris Osgood (as cited by Tom)

Sportsnet liveblogs the proceedings.

The Rink Episode 33

One series of round 2 wraps up while Tom and I record the podcast. the Capitals force game 7, and there is still a lot more to talk about.  The Bruins take the beating while winning. there is other talk about movement, and we get in a lightning round, at least, as much of one as Tom and I do.

Map of the AHL from OurSportsCentral

Watch the punch from Scott Walker

Watch the slash on Zdeno Chara

My post about Adrian Dater

Rink Special Edition: Coyotes File for Bankruptcy

A Rink special edition.  The Phoenix Coyotes have filed for bankruptcy, and tendered an offer from Jim Bassillie, who has been spurned by the NHL in the past.  Lots of news coming in fast, but Tom and I discuss the implications and break down what this means for the league.

The bankruptcy filing.

CNBC article.

Puck Daddy

Statement by NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly on Kukla’s Korner

James Mirtle has lots of quotes and info.

Balsillie’s petition to the fans at