Rink Report – April 16, 2014

Welcome to the first Rink Report, a daily podcast catching you up on the news of the NHL, and setting you up with the hockey games of the night.

This is really rough.  I’m not used to podcasting on my own, and I’m doing this for fun and for the experience of it.  I will make mistakes, names, stats, things like that.  I will do my best to correct them on the twitter feed and in the next episode in an errata section.

Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sustain this.  Let’s just see how it goes.

As ever, this is an independent podcast, and not associated with the NHL or any other media outlets.  All mistakes are my own, unless stated otherwise.

Ben Bishop’s injury:

The Rink Episode 38

I’m flying solo this week, and that means I get to talk about what I want to.  The Stanley Cup has been handed out and the season is over, but there is still plenty of news in the NHL and around the minor leagues.

Call in to The Rink and let us know how your season went. Were you happy?  Were you dissapointed? Did you get Versus on your hotel TV? Call The Rink at 845-704-RINK (7465).

The Rink Episode 35

It’s all Coaches this week, as we stager towards the inevitable in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Rink Episode 32

Round two of the playoffs are underway, and we have plenty to talk about, from changing OT to Sidney Crosby’s dislike of hats. Plenty to talk about, plus a little NHL financial news (we keep it short). Enjoy the show.

My guest post on Puck the Media

Chris Kunitz crosschecks on Puck Daddy

Kukla’s post about dirty players (thanks, Alanah!)

The Rink Episode 31

The Rink has a kind of fun flavor this week, considering the news out of the NHL this week is dominated by suspensions.  Tom and I discuss who is to blame and what we should be expecting from out hockey players, coaches and fans.  We look at the playoffs, and I have some perspective on the Blue Jackets final game.  Plus the Vezina trophey nominies are announced, and we like what we are seeing.

The Rink Episode 30

This week, Tom and I are excited about the playoffs, even though our two favorite teams are playing golf.  Breakdowns, what is going tight, and what is going wrong, and a few jokes along the way.

Tom references Machiavelli (wikipedia link)

The Blue Jackets fans need to do some research (video).

The Rink Episode 29A

Another two parter this week.  Eric McErlain joins Tom and I for a preview of the playoffs.  The best part is, I get to stay out of the way for the most part.  Bonus for you.

Part two goes live a little later in the week.

The Rink Episode 28

We were a little late getting this one out, but we did manage to save the episode from being completely out of date before it hit the web.  The playoffs are just a few days away, and with only a couple of games left in the regular season, the  matchups are looking interesting.  Plus, Crosby fights like a man finally, and Sean Avery isn’t a good actor after all.

The Rink Episode 27

This week was a bit of a kludge, as our first recording has some technical issues (audio problems). But we did it again, even better than before.

The Frozen Four (NCAA Championships) are almost here, and Tom and I give you the lowdown on who made it to the dance.  Of course we also take a look at the standings and playoff picture before the NHL season begins, and we have some news from the ECHL and SPHL that could be an indicator of more bad news in the world of the minors.

Wild Puck Banter, mentioned in the podcast.  Check out this blog.