Episode 6 point 5: Earl Sleek from Battle of California

We continue our conversation with Earl Sleek from The Battle of California and NHL Fanhouse.  More talk about Anaheim, the rest of the Pacific division, and even a little bit about Paul Kariya.

Episode 5.5: Steve Lepore of Puck the Media

In episode 5.5 Steve Lepore from Puck the Media talks more about the hockey media, the New Jersey Devils, and makes us laugh a lot.  And did he just call me old?  Enjoy.

Episode 3.5: Jon Press of Japer’s Rink

Point 5 Episodes are the rest of our conversation with our guest from the previous podcast.

This week, we are talking to Jon Press from Japer’s Rink and NHL Fanhouse.  Tom and I talked to Jon immediately after the Washington Capitals beat the Vancouver Canucks 5 – 1.  We talk about the Caps in depth, the Washington Capitals blogging community, what it’s like to be a blogger in the pressbox, and Jon’s own blogs.

Episode 2.5: Interview with Sherry from Scarlett Ice

The concept for The Rink was really in two parts, the first being a show about hockey. The other half being a more in depth interview with the hockey bloggers we read. We wanted to find out more about the people who write about hockey, why they blog, and more about the team they blog about.

We start off this point five episode continuing our talk with Sherry from Scarlett Ice and HLOG about the Ottawa Senators, and then talk about her blog.