The Rink Episode 68: Why No Jagr?

For episode 68, you would think the Jaromir Jagr would come up once, but he wasn’t the story when it came to the Flyers.  James O’Brien and I talk about Pronger and the impact his injury may have on visors, as well as what is going on in this crazy league, where the Stars are on top, the Leafs are a playoff team, and one of the best goalies in the league just isn’t good enough for some people.

James O’Brien at Pro Hockey Talk and Rotoworld

James’ all decade team and all decade team defense

Greg Wyshynsi’s all decade team with Pronger

The Pronger injury in video form:

YouTube Preview Image

The Rink Episode 54 part 1

It’s a two part Rink Podcast this week.  Part one features Eric McErlain talking about the state of the Washington Capitals, and Jason Cohen, author of Zamboni Rodeo, hanging out with me at a hockey game, and talking about one of my favorite topics, minor league hockey.

OffWing Opinion

Zamboni Rodeo

Jason Cohen on twitter

The Rink Episode 48: Tweetcast

It’s a Tweetcast this week, and we had six excellent guests for this one:

Ryan Classic:
The Classic blog

Jay Kumar:
Completely Conspicuous, Jay’s podcast

Buddy Oakes:
Preds On The Glass podcast and blog

Justin Goldman:
The Goalie Guild
Avs Weekly on Mile High Sports Radio

Steve Lepore:
Puck the Media
In Lou We Trust


We talked about all around the NHL, with a wide variety of topics. And don’t forget to check out their blogs and twitter accounts

The Rink Episode 44: All Things Russian

I am honored to be joined by Dmitry Chesnokov, best known in North America for his interviews and writing on Puck Daddy.  Dmitry is what I consider the the King of Russian hockey, and is here to remind me of how little I really know about the KHL, Russian players and the hockey culture of Russia.

Puck Daddy’s Dmitry Chesnokov: 5 Reasons I Love Hockey

Why Russian fan appreciation days put the NHL to shame

The Rink Episode 33

One series of round 2 wraps up while Tom and I record the podcast. the Capitals force game 7, and there is still a lot more to talk about.  The Bruins take the beating while winning. there is other talk about movement, and we get in a lightning round, at least, as much of one as Tom and I do.

Map of the AHL from OurSportsCentral

Watch the punch from Scott Walker

Watch the slash on Zdeno Chara

My post about Adrian Dater

The Rink Episode 32

Round two of the playoffs are underway, and we have plenty to talk about, from changing OT to Sidney Crosby’s dislike of hats. Plenty to talk about, plus a little NHL financial news (we keep it short). Enjoy the show.

My guest post on Puck the Media

Chris Kunitz crosschecks on Puck Daddy

Kukla’s post about dirty players (thanks, Alanah!)

The Rink Episode 29B

Part two of Tom and I talking with Eric McErlain.  In this part, we discuss the rest of the hockey world outside of the playoffs, including other potential choices for the Islanders’ first round pick.  And since we have Eric on the line, we talk a healthy amount about the Washington Capitals.

The Rink Episode 29A

Another two parter this week.  Eric McErlain joins Tom and I for a preview of the playoffs.  The best part is, I get to stay out of the way for the most part.  Bonus for you.

Part two goes live a little later in the week.

The Rink Episode 28

We were a little late getting this one out, but we did manage to save the episode from being completely out of date before it hit the web.  The playoffs are just a few days away, and with only a couple of games left in the regular season, the  matchups are looking interesting.  Plus, Crosby fights like a man finally, and Sean Avery isn’t a good actor after all.

The Rink Episode 24A

Another two show week.  Tom Luongo took a game misconduct, and was sent off for the week (actually, he was a little busy), so I was lucky enough to get Eric McErlain to do the podcast with me.  And it turns out we had a lot to talk about, so much that we had to split it into two episodes.

On the first, Eric and I talk about the firing of Guy Carbonneau, Don Cherry and his beef with Ted Leonsis, and where the Washington Capitals are right now.  Part two drops mid-week.

Eric’s Writing:
OffWing Opinion
NHL Fanhouse
The Sporting Blog (part of The Sporting News)